The Most Romantic Place: Varenna, Italy

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've been thinking about romantic places. If you're with the right person, it could be just about anywhere. If pressed to choose one destination, however, I would return to Varenna, Italy, a small jewel of a town overlooking Lake Como. It was in October, when my husband and I climbed off the commuter train from Milan at Varenna’s nearly empty station and darted through pelting rain. We threw ourselves and our bags into a cab that deposited us an eighth of a mile from where we began, near a ramp, its sharp descent forbidden to vehicles. We had to laugh. “Lean back,” Christopher said, as my suitcase nearly escaped while I struggled to maintain my fo

Writing Prompt Wednesday

Photo by Diana Dinverno On the first Wednesday of each month, I'll post an image or a written prompt for you to use as a writing warm-up. Use the photo or written prompt to inspire a poem, flash fiction, short story, or anything else you'd like to try. If you successfully submit your piece for publication, please let me know so I can take a peek at your creation.

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