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"The Opposite of an Existential Crisis"

Happy to share news that a new poem "The Opposite of an Existential Crisis" appears on Third Wednesday Magazine's website. Judge David James, a poet I've long admired, selected the poem for Honorable Mention in the journal's annual poetry contest.

Some of you might know I've been doing a deep dive into family history after discovering the identity of my birth father in 2019. I've been able to connect with first and second cousins in Canada and England. These lovely women have generously provided information about our shared relatives and ancestors. I've been surprised by how moved and humbled I've been by the the lives of my predecessors. This poem reflects my continuing exploration.

Here's a photo of my paternal grandparents, Elias Samson and Lina Gillis Samson, on their wedding day.

I invite you to visit

Third Wednesday's website to read the poem.


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